Organizer Power Tools

Extra permissions feature of My Profile that gives group Organizers (Travelers in charge of the group) group management tools not available to regular travelers.

What is an Organizer?

Organizers can be Reps, Teachers, Fraternity President's, Students Council, etc... They are a special traveler (Organizer) or group of travelers (Many Organizers) who are in charge of the group and have a special role of bringing their friends and others on the trip. Normally they are a paid traveler with the group, not a staff.

How Can I tell who is an Organizer?

Via a Trip Record

  1. Open the Trip Record

  2. Scroll to the Contacts module

  3. Contacts with a ☆ next to their name are Organizers for this trip

  4. If there are bookings on the trip, the Organizer ☆ will also appear next to the booking name

Example of what an Organizer contact STAR looks like in the Contact module of a Trip Record

Via a Booking Record

  1. Open the Booking Record

  2. Scroll to the Overview panel

  3. The bottom field will read: "Is An Organizer?" Yes/No

Example of how to identify an Organizer from a Booking Record

Via a Contact Record

  1. Open the Contact Record

  2. In the Bookings module under Contact there will be a ☆ next to the Booking's Contact name if the contact IS an Organizer

  3. If the Contact has NO Booking Records, click on the Trip Record in the Trips module and follow the "Via a Trip Record" steps above

Example of how to identify an Organizer from a Contact Record

On the Traveler Interface:

Via Trip Page

Under Travel Details in the " Your Campus Rep/School Organizer" section.

Example of how to identify an Organizer from Trip page

Via My Profile

Under My Trips under " Campus Rep/School Organizer " section

Example of how to identify an Organizer from My Profile

The only way to see an organizer is to physically look for the organizer star beside the bookings/contacts and on the Traveller Interface. Organizers do not appear in search exports.

Edit a Contact to Make them an Organizer

  1. Open the Trip Record this Organizer is on

  2. Under the Contacts module, find the contact you want to add an Organizer association to

  3. Click edit in the contacts row

  4. Click the Association + button (your Organizer will be a Lead and an Organizer, or a Traveler and an Organizer)

  5. Choose Organizer from the Association dropdown

  6. Click Update

Update Traveler Who Signed Up Under the Wrong Organizer

One by One

  1. Open the Booking Record of the traveler you want to update

  2. Click Edit in the Overview panel

  3. Add or Edit the Referred By Field

  4. Type in the correct Organizer (contact)

  5. Click Update

Many at once

  1. Begin a Bookings Search

    1. Open the advanced search (click the down arrow on the right of the search bar)

      1. Filter: Choose: Referred by

      2. Matches

      3. Field: First Name OR Last Name OR Emails

    2. In the Query Area

      1. Operator: Contains

      2. Value: [This is where you add in the first name, last name, or email]

    3. Click Search

  2. Groupdesk will refresh and show you all applicable results

  3. Use the Checkbox on the Left side to select any or all bookings

  4. Once you have checked the bookings, a box called Edit will appear in the top right of the page (near Export)

  5. Click Edit

  6. In the pop up modal

    1. Check the Referred By check box

    2. Search for the correct Organizer (contact)

    3. Click Mass Update

Interest List

Organizers are able to monitor a travelers status using the Interest List. This gives Organizers the ability to see who hasn't signed up yet, what room travelers are in, and traveler contact information. It minimizes the need for communication between the Organizer and the Trip Planner.

Organizers Can Add Travelers to the Trip Invite List

For an Organizer to add prospective travelers to an Invite List they will follow these steps:

  1. Login to My Profile

  2. Under My Trips Click on View & Upload Interest List under the Organizer section

  3. Click on Add a Contact (Next to Invite List)

  4. Complete the form with the contact details and click Add Contact