My Profile

Traveler Profile

When a contact becomes a booking (paid money for the trip or tried to book the trip) they are welcomed to their My Profile page. Here they have tools to self manage their trip, provide information, and purchase excursions and/or add-ons.

My Profile - Initial Homepage view (SnowJam client)

How to Login to My Profile:

To have a passenger login to their My Profile account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to My Profile URL

  2. Enter email used when completing sign-up

  3. Enter password created when completing sign-up

  4. Click Login to My Profile

How to reset your password:

  1. Go to My Profile URL

  2. Click Forgot your password?

  3. Enter email used when completing sign-up

  4. Click Reset Password

  5. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password

  6. Enter your new password

  7. Confirm your new password

  8. Click Save Password

  9. Once on the login page again, follow steps for how to login to My Profile

Features of My Profile (Contact):

My Profile (Homepage)
Account Settings
Payment Info

Self Management Tools:

  • My Profile sidebar to access all Personal and Trip details

Other Features:

  • Gamified My Profile Completeness Progress Bar (A)

  • Notification Area (B)

    • Traveler Info Prompts

    • My Profile Account Prompts

    • Trip Prompts

  • Host Multiple Trips

  • Brand Banner Images (Optional)

  • Company contact Information (F)

  • FAQ & Contact Button

  • My Profile Automated Tour

Self Management Tools (D):

  • Personal details

    • Title

    • Name

    • Date of Birth

    • Email

    • Address

    • Phone Number

  • Passport

  • Medical

    • Medical Condition confirmation

    • Medical Condition description field

  • Emergency Contact

  • Parent/Guardian

Self Management Tools:

  • Password Reset

  • Manage Your (email) Subscription

  • User Photo

Self Management Tools:

  • Methods

    • Delete or Edit existing methods

    • Add new payment methods

  • Make a Payment

Other Features:

  • Payment History

  • Logout

Features of My Profile (My Trips):

Trip Overview
Trip Itinerary
Trip Payments
Trip Rooming
Travel Documents

Self Management Tools:

  • Payment History

  • Make a Payment

Other Features:

  • Trip Description

  • Pricing Details

  • Inclusions & Exclusions

  • Trip Planner

  • Company Contact

Self Management Tools:

  • Purchase Add Ons and Upgrades

  • Update insurance (if applicable)

Other Features:

  • View Itinerary

  • View Included Items (if any)

Self Management Tools:

  • Email My Invoice

  • Make a Payment

Other Features:

  • View Booking Status

  • Price Breakdown

  • Payment History

  • Payment Dates

Self Management Tools:

  • Request Room Change (if enabled)

  • Request Roommates (if enabled)

Other Features:

  • View Room Type, Occupany, Room Number

  • View Roommates (if applicable)

Self Management Tools:

  • View, download, and print important documents (if applicable)

Other Features:

  • View important notices (if applicable)

  • View Terms and Conditions

How to Add Payment Method to MyProfile

  1. On the Trip Payments section under the Payment Methods section, click on the + Add a Payment Method button.

Payment Methods Section of Trip on MyProfile

2. Enter the required card information (card number, expiry, CVC and ZIP/Postal Code)

3. If you would like this card to be used for automatic monthly payments, select the Yes, Use this card for automatic monthly payments so that it turns green. Leave unselected if you do not.

4. Click the Add button

Add a Payment Method Section

How to Delete a Method of Payment from MyProfile

  1. Click on the Trip Payments area of the "My Trips" Section of the profile.

  2. Under Payment Methods, click the Delete button in the upper right corner of the card you wish to remove.

  3. A pop up window will appear asking "Are you sure you want to delete this item?", click OK

Payment Methods area with card added
Payment Methods area with Card removed

Known Bug - Travelers are unable to remove payment methods that have expired.