Transaction records hold information related to payments, payments are related to a booking or a supplier account.

Transaction records include the payment details:

  • Number

  • Transaction Date

  • Cleared Date

    • (Will be blank if payment status is not received)

  • Form of Payment

    • Cash (manually added by users)

    • Cheque (manually added by users)

    • Credit Card (accepted cards are defined upon setup)

      • American Express

      • Diner's Club

      • Discover

      • Visa

      • Mastercard

    • Interac

    • Money Order

    • Visa Debit

  • Amount

  • Currency

  • Booking Record (Traveler Payment) or Inventory Record (Vendor Payment)

Transaction amounts, dates, types, statuses, currency and form of payment cannot be edited. Transaction records can no longer be edited from the booking record and changes can only be made on the transaction record page.

Create a Transaction on a Booking Record

You can create a Transaction for many types of payments. Including, a cash payment or cheque payment to a booking record on a trip.

  1. Open the Trip Record that the Booking Record is on

  2. Scroll to the Bookings module and click on the Booking Record you want to add the transaction to

  3. In the Payments module, click on Add Transaction

  4. Complete the fields and click Create

Transaction Statuses

  • Cleared - transaction was completed successfully

  • Pending - transaction is awaiting completion

  • Not Received - transaction was unsuccessful

Transaction Types

  • Vendor Commission - commission paid from supplier

  • Vendor Payment - payment made to supplier

  • Upcoming - scheduled payment in the future

  • Custom Payment - payment that deviates from the Periodic Payment Schedule (may come from the Trip Record's Payment Schedule or be added to individual booking record)

  • Periodic Payment - payment that is generated from the Trip Record's Payment Schedule

  • Extra Payment - payment that does not impact payment schedule but counts towards final trip balance (usually for additional purchases such as insurance or add on's)

  • Deposit - first payment on a trip

  • Balance - last payment on trip. This is the remainder of what is owed on the trip

  • Refund - funds returned to the original form of payment

Refunds and Extra Refunds are the only transaction types that require a negative amount.

Chargeback / Returned Item / Bank Dispute

What is a chargeback /returned item / bank dispute?

When a customer is viewing their bank statement and does not recognize a charge, they have the option of telling their bank that this is (mistakingly) a charge they did not approve. This allows the bank to reverse the transaction and take the money back from the supplier (your company).

  1. Monitor your Stripe account to keep track of chargebacks / disputes.

  2. Open the booking record the transaction is associated with

  3. If the transaction was successful, it will show as Cleared on the booking.

  4. Add a note to the booking record with the Stripe link

  5. Ensure you have a process in place with your Customer Service team to follow up with these bookings.

A Traveler has made a booking, but cannot see their Transaction, what do I do?

Some transactions may take up to 24-48 hours to appear on a travelers booking record and/or My Profile, however, most transactions show up within a few moments. Your traveler should also get an email confirmation of their transaction.

If the traveler cannot see their transaction after 48 hours, please contact us via Intercom with the Booking Record and expected transaction details.