• Contacts are the personal record for each contact (person) in Groupdesk. All personal information is held here (ie: Medical, Emergency, Parent/Guardian, Passport, etc...)

  • Each Contact must have a unique email address

  • Contacts may be associated to multiple bookings and trips

Create a contact:

  • Click [+] (top right corner)

  • Required to enter First Name / Last Name

Create a Contact
  • Salutation: Mr or Ms

  • First Name: Contact first name

  • Middle Name: Contact middle name

  • Last Name: Contact last name

  • Birthday: Contact birth date (mm-dd-yyyy)

  • Lead Status: Cold, converted, follow up, hot

  • Lead Source: Interest List, Marketing Campaign, Organizer Lead etc.

  • Grad Year

  • Type: associations for contact such as Trip Planner, Staff, Trip Leader etc.

  • Email Address: Contact email address

  • Phone: contact phone number information

  • Address: Contact address information

  • Medical Conditions: Any relevant medical information for the contact (Ex. Allergies, Travels with oxygen/wheelchair etc)

Lead Status

Lead status helps you sort contacts by 'freshness'

  • Cold

  • Hot - Has started the booking form, but did not complete the payment. Or was added to the Interest List by an org/rep

  • Converted - Booking has been created

  • Follow up

Lead Source

Lead source indicates where the contact entered into Groupdesk

  • Interest List

  • Marketing campaign

  • Obe (Online Booking Engine - The 'Shopping Cart')

  • Organizer lead

  • Other

  • Trip enhancer

Edit a contact to add a Trip Planner Type

  1. Open your contact record

  2. In the Overview tab, click Edit

  3. In the Edit Contact pop up, under Type, click the Type + button

  4. Select Trip Planner from the drop-down

  5. Click Update

If you are trying to add a Contact record to a Trip as a Trip Planner, but they are not showing up in the Add Trip Planners search, the contact record may be missing the Trip Planner Association.

If you are looking to add a Trip Planner association (Add a Trip Planner to a Trip), click here.

Association Types

Associations are a Groupdesk specific term that refer to the type of relationship within Groupdesk that connects contact name and trip name.

  • Trip Planner: Trip Planners are your internal staff who have contact with your clients. This person has a Groupdesk login and may be referred to as a 'Travel Agent', 'External Sales', etc... This association lives on the Trip Record.

  • Campus Manager: (The functionality/purpose of this association is changing)

  • Lead: Sales lead, potential traveller.

  • Organizer: Organizers can be Reps, Teachers, Fraternity President's, Students Council, etc... They are a special traveler (Organizer) or group of travelers (Many Organizers) who are in charge of the group and have a special role of bringing their friends and others on the trip. Normally they are a paid traveler with the group, not a staff.

  • Traveler : Passenger on the trip.

  • Trip Manager: (The functionality/purpose of this association is changing)

Require a password reset for a Contact Record

There are two different ways to reset a contact's password.

A. How to trigger a password reset for a contact

  1. Open the Contact Record

  2. In the Overview Module, Click the Require password reset on next login button that appears close beneath the Contact's name and photo

The next time the travelers attempts to login, they will be forced to reset their password. (Using this method will not send them an email)


B. How to trigger a reset password email for a contact

  1. Open the Contact Record

  2. In the Overview module, Click the Reset Password text below the contact name.

  3. A pop up window will appear, select the Brand Catalogue that you want the password reset email to come from

  4. Click Send Email

The contact will follow the link in the password reset email and be able to reset the password.

Overview Module of a Contact Record with password reset options.