Trip Calendar Dashboard

Display a Calendar View of Trips

We have introduced this Dashboard so that Users can easily view Trip Records in Calendar form.

Trips Display on the Calendar with the same departure date as on the Trip record and the same end date that the duration field on the trip uses to calculate the end date (based on Inventory Nights field).

Search for trips using one or multiple of the following parameters:

  • Trip Year

  • Trip Type

  • Program Period

  • Trip Code

Trip Calendar Results will Display:

  • Trip Name

  • Number of Travelling & Non-Travelling Passengers

  • Travelling Bookings numbers will appear in a green icon and Non- Travelling Bookings in a red icon.

  • If there are too many results to display on one day, a # More Trips will display at the bottom of that date. When clicked, this will expand to show the other trips.

  • Clicking on the trip name, or number of travelling/non-travelling bookings will take you to that Trip record.

Trip Records Display in Calendar View