Sales Dashboard

The sales dashboard is used to show booking stats and sales numbers by days/months.

To access the Sales Dashboard, you:

  1. Click on the hamburger menu on the top right hand side of any page

  2. In the pop up menu that appears on the left, click Dashboards

  3. Select the Sales Dashboard

  4. Search as needed:

    1. You must search by Trip Year, but can also add filters for Trip Type / Trip Planner / Campaign. You can only search by one Filter Type at a time (ie you cannot search for multiple Trip Planners in one search).

Example of the Sales Dashboard with "2019" parameters.

Charts show:

  • Bookings by Statuses or Calculated Statuses (Green)

    • Active / Cancelled / Default / New Joiner / Overdue / Pending / Unconfirmed / Waitlist / No Show

    • Traveling / Non-Traveling / Deposit Paid / $0 Paid

  • Bookings by Trip type (Orange)

    • Breakdown by Total Bookings / Travelling Bookings / Bookings with Deposit Paid / Bookings with $0 Paid / Cancelled / Leads* on Trip

      • Leads = all contacts on the Trip that are not Travelers or Organizers, and have not attempted to create a booking using the OBE

  • Bookings and Leads by Date (Purple)

  • Campaigns (Grey)

  • Trips by Type (Red)

  • Trip Planners (Blue)


To see leads on the Trip record, this search can be entered in the Contacts module search page:

-(trips[associations]:Traveler* OR trips[associations]:Organizer*) AND -(lead_source:"OBE")