GMV Dashboard

GMV Dashboard

This dashboard is used to calculate Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV). To access the GMV dashboard page, please use the Navigation Menu on the top right corner of the home screen and select Dashboards. From there, select the GMV Dashboard.

You can search for GMV by the following fields: Trip Year, Trip Type, Program Period and Trip Code.‌

Once you have entered your GMV Search parameters, click Go to display the results.

GMV Dashboard Breakdown
Example of GMV Dashboard when searching by Trip Code

GMV Dashboard Terms


  • Total Not Booked - available booking spots left

  • Total Booked - Amount of bookings


  • Not Used - spots still available for booking

  • Used - already booked by passengers


  • Numerical Value of bookings available (Total Available Traveler Spots - Bookings already made)

Total Price‌

  • List Price x Quantity of Not Used Traveler Spots = Not UsedTotal Price

  • Actual Booking Price x Number of Bookings made = Used Total Price

Total Paid‌

  • Actual amount paid by bookings

The View This Search and Export buttons at the bottom of the Dashboard are currently not available for use. These features are still being worked on by our Development team and will be available soon.

Bookings by Status (Amount)
Bookings by Status (Quantity)

We have also introduced two new fields on the Trip record to accurately calculate the GMV. The List Price and Total Available Traveler Spots fields can be found in the Overview Module of the Trip record.‌

List Price = The lowest selling price per traveller on the trip‌

Total Available Traveler Spots = Maximum number of bookings/spots available to sell on this trip

New Fields on Trip Record Overview Module