Bulk Jobs

The Bulk page is where you track all your bulk processes.

What is a Bulk Process?

A bulk process is any action that could be performed to more than 1 record at a single time, including all emails and exports.

Status of your request

You can view the status of each request (Created / Started / Finished) while the system is completing the action.


Sometimes when processing a request the system will fail and cause an error to be shown. Errors will provide you with the reason for the error and (if applicable) a link to the record that had the error. This will allow you to fix the record and attempt the update again.

Common Errors

  • SCHEDULE_INVALID - There is something incorrect about the booking payment schedule

  • UNSUPPORTED_OPERATION - Part of the request is invalid

  • INVALID_ROOMING_INPUT - There is something about the rooming request that is invalid

  • No customer found with given email - We could not connect to the payment gateway correctly

There are more errors that could appear for your request. If you have any questions, please reach out through Intercom.

An example of the bulk jobs page