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Agent Interface vs. Traveler Interface

Agent Experience: This is what your users see. Users can create, edit, and update information related to the Back-End system (Bookings, Contacts, Trips, Transactions, etc) and manipulate data.

Traveler Interface: This is what your travelers see. Travelers can view, self-manage, and edit data related to the Client facing applications (Trip Page, Booking Form, My Profile).

Agent Interface vs. Traveler Interface, example

How can I add another user to my Agent Interface (Back-End)?

Your administrator can follow these steps to add a new user:

  1. Click on the hamburger nav (top right) to open up the side navigation

  2. Click on Users in the purple sidebar that opens on the right

  3. Click Create (top right)

  4. In the Create User pop up modal

    1. Add First Name

    2. Add Middle Name (optional)

    3. Add Last Name

    4. Add Email

    5. Assign that user a security role (see role permissions view and edit ability on the /permissions page)

  5. Once created, that user will receive a Welcome email from Groupdesk and a link to set their password

If the email is already in use, and you are upgrading that user (for example, from Trip Planner, to Trip Planner and User), follow these steps:

  1. Open the Contact Record

  2. In the Contact Record Overview module, under Type

  3. Click Type + and add Type Staff

  4. Do a new User search for the contact email

  5. Open the User Record

  6. In the User Record Overview module, change the Security Role * to the desired role

  7. Click Update

Suggestion: Limit Administrator users

What services does Groupdesk have integrations for?

Google Tag Manager
Front App
Email service
Payment service
Communications tool

Add Intercom to your Groupdesk site via Google Tag Manager

Manage JavaScript and HTML tags used for tracking and analytics
Discount management service

Coming soon

The shared inbox for teams

Add Front App to your Groupdesk site via Google Tag Manager

What is Groupdesk's preferred browser?

Google Chrome

You may encounter display issues and slower performance if you use other browsers (Ie: Safari, Netscape)

I need help logging in!

I am a User trying to login on the Agent Interface:

Please try these steps before contacting Groupdesk:

  1. Hard refresh your webpage

  2. Use Google Chrome as your web browser

  3. Ensure you have Third Party Cookies enabled in your chrome settings. Go to chrome://settings/content/cookies in your Chrome address bar and set the Block third-party cookies toggle to false

  4. Make sure you are using the correct email for your Groupdesk login

  5. Make sure you are logging in to the Agent Interface and not the Traveler Interface

    1. Your Agent Interface url will typically be something like: companyname.groupdesk.io

  6. Have another active user double check that you did not use your Groupdesk email to attempt a test booking on the Traveler Interface (this will kick you out of your Agent Interface account because it thinks you are a traveler who should not have access to the Agent Interface)

    1. If this happened, you need your Groupdesk Admin to edit the booking you created so that the email is an alias of your Groupdesk login instead of identical.

      1. ie: if your Groupdesk login uses human@company.com, your alias needs to be human+test@company.com, or human+123@company.com, etc...

Google Chrome's Cookie Settings

If the steps above do not help, please submit a request through Intercom on Groupdesk.io

I'm trying to help a traveler login on the Traveler Interface:

Please try these steps before contacting Groupdesk:

  1. Hard refresh their webpage

  2. Make sure they are using the correct email associated with their Groupdesk account

  3. Make sure they are logging in via the correct Traveler Interface url

    1. Your Traveler Interface url will be a subdomain of your main site ie: my.companyname.com, or travel.companyname.com

  4. Check that their contact record actually has a booking record associated with it

  5. Check that they did not make multiple bookings by accident

If the steps above do not help, please submit a request through Intercom on Groupdesk.io

How do I reset my password?

  • Click Forgot Password? on the login page. This will send the email associated with your Groupdesk account an email to reset your password. OR

  • Have an Admin user view your user

    • Hamburger nav > users > search

    • On the list level, or on the user level, click reset password. This will send the email associated with your Groupdesk account an email to reset your password.

Send yourself a password reset email by clicking 'Forgot Password?' on the login page

What's the different between Karma and Groupdesk?

Karma.io was an early version of Groupdesk developed specifically for a family of travel brands. As the travel technology grew and evolved, so did the product. Groupdesk became an independent company, began operating as a technology startup, gained new clients, and grew the team. Groupdesk is now the world's best group travel management software for selling, managing, and growing your travel business.

Do you offer admin support for operational processes?

Yes! We offer additional BPO services for processes such as:

  • Pax Counts

  • Trip Converting

  • Price/Trip Review

  • Inventory Building

  • Itinerary Release

  • Insurance

  • Ticketing

  • Reconciliation

Our service is able to learn your processes and alleviate administrative tasks within a reasonable time frame. If you are interested in adding these services for any or all of the processes above, please reach out to your Groupdesk contact or sales@groupdesk.io

I have a referral for Groupdesk

Please contact Mike at sales@groupdesk.io

Does Groupdesk work on Mobile?

Our Traveler Interface works on mobile and is continually being updated for the best experience.

Our Agent Interface is best used on desktop, but does function on mobile.

My question isn't answered here

Contact us through Intercom via your "company.groupdesk.io" page or on groupdesk.io (the chat circle in bottom right of that page) and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Groupdesk is down

If Groupdesk is down, or the Intercom link is not showing, go to groupdesk.io and submit your request on the Intercom bubble there.

If you are unable to access Intercom across any platform, please send an email to support@groupdesk.io.