1.9.7.a - External Insurance Providers

Released August 30th, 2019

Whats New:

New Features

New Features

1. External Insurance Providers Available

We have recently made some changes to the Traveller and Agent Interface to allow for External Insurance providers to offer travel insurance to Travelers. Please see the steps below to get started with an External Insurance Provider.

In the Agent Interface:

Create External Insurance Catalog & Inventory

  1. Create a new Insurance Catalog

  2. Ensure the Coverage Type is External

  3. Fill out the External Purchase URL with the url to the External Insurance Provider's website

  4. Add a Trip Page, Booking Form and My Profile Description to the catalog that informs Travellers that they will be able to purchase insurance after booking when selecting this insurance option

  5. Then create an Insurance Inventory and ensure that the Allow Purchase field is set to Always

  6. Add the External Insurance Catalog to the Insurance segment using the current process. For more details on creating Insurance Inventories, please click here.

  7. When creating the segment, ensure that your Policy Number is External

  8. Once the Inventory is complete, add it to your Trip Record.

Best practice is to keep Inventory pricing at $0, as Travellers will be paying for the insurance through the External Provider and not through Groupdesk.

Example of External Insurance Catalog with External Purchase URL and complete descriptions

Traveller Interface

During the Booking process, Travellers will be able to select the External Insurance Option during the Insurance Step of the booking flow.

Example Insurance page with External Insurance offered

After the traveller has completed the booking form, please direct them to click on the My Profile tab (located on the top right corner of their booking, under their name).

Example of My Profile Tab

Once they click on My Profile, a Pop Up will appear to prompt them to add the External Insurance. This pop up will have two buttons, one saying “Add Now” and one saying “I have already purchased Insurance”. The Add Now (or Go to *Insurance Provider*) button will take the traveller to the External Insurance providers website in a new tab (this is the URL that was added to the External Purchase URL field of the Insurance catalog).

External Insurance Pop Up Window

The “I have already purchased Insurance” button will allow travellers to input their purchased policy number (this will save on a travellers booking which can be seen in the Agent Interface). Once this field is filled out the pop up will no longer show up on a travellers profile.

Window for Travellers to input their Insurance Policy Number

If a traveller makes a mistake inputting their policy number this can be changed through the Agent Interface. To edit, please click the edit button on the Overview Module of the booking record. Then you may enter or edit the Insurance Policy Number field.

Edit the Overview Module of a Booking Record.