Central XYZ (Administrative Support) ($)

Some clients choose to get assistance from our Central XYZ team for repetitive administrative tasks.

What Services does Central XYZ offer?

Our goal is to eliminate as much manual labor from your team as possible through automations, great features, and extra help (like Central XYZ) when you need it. Central XYZ offers business process outsourcing (BPO) for contracting out some operations tasks and processes.

See below for our support options offered via the Central XYZ Team:

Do you offer admin support for operational processes?

Yes! We offer additional BPO services for processes such as:

  • Trip Converting

  • Price/Trip Review

  • Inventory Building

  • Itinerary Release

  • Insurance

  • Ticketing

Our service is able to learn your processes and alleviate administrative tasks within a reasonable time frame. If you are interested in adding these services for any or all of the processes above, please reach out to sales@groupdesk.io

If you'd like to have Central XYZ help you with your Groupdesk processes please follow the steps below:

Setting up Central XYZ to help my business

Step 1 - Choose where you would like help

  1. Let your Groupdesk contact know that you're interested in learning more about Central XYZ services

  2. List out the processes you would like help with

  3. Estimate the amount of time your team typically spends on these things

  4. Estimate the general timeline these processes occur

  5. Go through the processes (high level) with your Groupdesk contact

Please give us a heads-up of 1-2 months before you would like to start using the Central XYZ resource

Step 2 - Map your processes with an Implementation Specialist

  1. Together, we will go through your processes step-by-step and create usable documents for your team and the Central XYZ team to collaborate on and work from

  2. Establish your Central XYZ contact (typically this is an Operations lead)

Step 3 - Onboard Central XYZ and start building

  1. We connect you with our Central XYZ Team and begin training them on your processes

  2. After 1-2 weeks they are able to begin working with you and completing tasks

Step 4 - Maintenance

  1. Continued communication between you and your Central XYZ assistance team

  2. Continued updating and adding of processes

What if I want to add/increase the process demand for Central XYZ?

Too add or increase a large task (ie: ticketing, rooming, etc...) please give a 1 month warning to your Central XYZ contact for hiring/training/rescheduling resources for your project.


You are able to hire Central XYZ services based on hourly, monthly, or annual need.

  • Hourly: $20/hr (No minimum commitment)

  • Monthly: $15/hr (Part-Time/Temp, minimum number of hours commitment)

  • Annual: $10/hr (Full-Time Dedicated, minimum number of hours commitment)

Your Central XYZ service plan costs depends on:

  • Frequency of use

  • Complexity of task/project

  • Quantity of work

  • Consistency of work

Plans are in USD


Depending on your setup:

  1. Central XYZ Services will show up on your monthly Groupdesk Invoice as "Central XYZ" or "Green Consulting Plus" OR

  2. Central XYZ will bill you directly