Styling Details

Submitting your Logos to Groupdesk

Have your marketing team email with the following files:

All files should be optimized and saved for web.


  • Your full color logo in horizontal JPG format - 175px (wide) 60px (height)

  • Your full color logo in horizontal SVG format - 175px (wide) 60px (height)

  • Your preferred 'Verified Seal' design for the Trip Page in SVG format 300px (wide) 300px(height)


  • android-chrome-192x192.png

  • apple-touch-icon.png (64x64)

  • favicon-16x16.png

  • favicon-32x32.png

  • favicon.ico (60x60)

Styling Buttons

Coming soon Buttons may be styled per brand using the Custom Fields on a brand record:

background:#XXXXXX; color:#XXX; padding:??px ??px; text-decoration:none; border-radius:3px; font-size:16px; line-height:18px; display:inline-block; margin:10px 0;

Groupdesk MyProfile Slides

[More Details Coming Soon}

Aka: Custom notifications + links in MyProfile - Must be for all trips on your domain.